Now that I live and work in Sydney after six years of London life, my new home has proven to be welcoming, but full of uncertainty. Like tensing a muscle for a long time and only noticing it once relaxed, I am full of anticipation, longing for that moment when I see the signs that I belong.

Four more days. As I started packing a good two months ago, inspite the possibility of seen as a complete nut by others, I can safely say I am very, very excited. Although England is now quite an upgrade with its January weather to the last three weeks in Finland, where Jess and I discovered the difference between -20C and -25C was that in the latter your nostrils freeze pretty much shut. I will miss London but I shall not miss this rain, rain, rain.

This christmas my friends and family will be receiving something from me that will turn the woolly socks around; for once I am on time with some christmassy thoughts. So no more last minute odd ball cards that arrive a few days before the new year.  No no, mine will be there as the first ones to arrive, for once.

Himmeli is a traditional old Finnish Christmas ornament hung from the ceiling. It’s made of short strips of straw tied together with strings to form a complex three-dimensional structure.┬áBack in the day the Himmeli was hung above the dinner table to ensure that the coming rye crop would be plentiful. There are many different shapes and sizes of himmeli: the bigger the size, the larger the rye crop would be.