Weaving and planning, planning and weaving. Working towards a brief that got me so excited I can barely feel the frostbites that creep up on my poor toes in this god damn cold London weather. Brrrrrr.


Sipping tea and listening to discussions about work as a designer, interning with no pay and hearing some really interesting points of view about the gap between graduation and landing that first real job (or making one instead of taking one). If You’re near by , come and have a look at our workshops! (or non-workshops, I can’t be so sure anymore) 28 Redchurch Street, London

INFO: Running parallel to the London Design Festival, the ADF will attempt to break twenty-five years of cultural deep-freeze, and reverse the model of culture=money, providing an outlet for new risks and creative exploration in art, image, design, product, film, fashion, performance, 3D, digital and sound through a series of events, publications and venues.